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Battery, Hearing Aid, #10, 16/PK

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Total Rating: 3.5

6 reviews

several duds

hearingloss - 3

I have just finished using the last battery in the second container of 8. Of the 16 batteries I purchased, in a combination package, there were 6 that were duds - didn't not have any power at all. This is an expensive way to keep my hearing aid working. And this has happened before to a lesser degree.

Extremely poor performance for a hearing aid batte

Ivanho4 - 2

Bought size 10 hearing aid batteries with a March 2021 expiration date. If I get 3 days, I'm lucky. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Lousy performance.


Erad - 5

Duracell batteries are great! They work really well

312 Hearing Aid Batteries

Bill D - 5

After using several brands of hearing batteries I have learned a few things. I have been a die hard Duracell battery fan for all my battery needs. However now that I am depended on hearing aids I immediately chose Duracell. After many months I found Duracell to not live up to expectations. I then, ventured out to many of the other competitors, only to find similar or less performance. Later, after many conversations with my hearing aid manufacturer, I come to realize that these #312 zinc air batteries lasted longer when exposed to the air for a period of time (3-5 minutes before installing. I typically wait 10 plus minutes, if I can) after removing the tab stuck to the back of the battery. After doing this I have new data that shows the battery length has increased 1-2 or even 3 days longer. I did return to my favorite Duracell when I followed this method. So I cannot compare it to other batteries. In summary, I am very happy now. I hope following the same method continues to work.

Example review

matspam - 2

Great battery for my kid's high-drain devices. Works in Video Games and remote controlled cars.

Best available, easy access hearing aid batteries

SunshineGirl64 - 4

Beside the Beltone hearing aid batteries- these are THE BEST!! Use other size Duracell batteries as well...1st choice.