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Duracell Inc.
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Battery, Hearing Aid, #13, 8/PK

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Total Rating: 1.4

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Either bad batch or counterfeit batteries

Froggy - 1

Normally, my hearing aid batteries last a week. This is also true for the big box stores brands. I purchased a “card” of 8 pack, 312, batteries with an expiration date of March 2021. These batteries only last one to two days. This is true for all the batteries in the packs. Either Duracell had a bad day or I purchased counterfeit batteries from my pharmacy.

Disappointed User

kgcm - 1

I'm lucky if my batteries last 3 days. Very disappointed as Duracell is always my go to choice of battery for everything.

Short life

Spongebob - 1

New hearing aids that are Bluetooth it drains battery in an hour

hearing aid size 13

drew - 1

voltage varies and some are complete duds, simply don't have any power

Good performer Size 13

jb1943 - 4

Much better in life than Energiser, on a par with GP, easy to use

Duracell activar Hearing aid. Nr 13

Telmaaruit - 1

Bad, verry bad. I have lot nr 6132, best before 2020-06. They last sometimes only for minutes or a few hours, if i'm lucky a few days. A few boxes went oké. Not reconmanded