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Battery, Hearing Aid, #312, 16/PK

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Total Rating: 2.5

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Modie2 - 1

Bought a multi pack of 3 cases of 8 batteries and over of them are dead. The date on packs say good until Mar 2022.

Good battery much wasteful plastic packaging

Sean - 2

I think these batteries last the longest, but the packaging is unnecessary and all goes straight into a landfill. None of it can be recycled nor can the cases be used for any other purpose. If a battery has less wasteful packaging but doesn't last as long, I would still be tempted to choose the less wasteful product. Duracell -- you can do better!

Significantly short battery life

Bill R - 1

Just wanted to express my displeasure with the Duracell 312 batteries. They continually give off a low battery sound and the life of the battery is 2-3 days compared to 5-7 days I get with non brand name products. I have had a continual problem since I got my new hearing aids last June. Had a similar problem when using with my prior hearing aids. My audiologists said she had heard similar complaints from other patients and suggests that her patients get drug store brand batteries since her patients say they have better success with them.

Duracell 312

Roddy104 - 5

Poor Quality

Hurbert - 1

Poor quality hearing aid battery. Short life. Only 4 days. Other brands generally last about 6 days. Guess I'll switch back.

Longest lasting battery so far

Jennett - 5

I have had a hearing aid using this size battery for quite a few years now and fairly recently bought Duracell batteries and am in awe of how long they last - I would barely get 2-3 days from another brand but the Duracell are lasting around 8 to 9 days and that is with all day use from the time I get up until I go to bed at night.