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Battery, Hearing Aid, #675, 12/PK

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Total Rating: 3.3

4 reviews

Shortest Battery Life

Jimbo - 1

Just threw away 31 675 batteries with expiration date of 4/2023. It is now 2020. Money down the drain. Maybe Energizer makes a longer lasting battery.

Not very good.

Donald - 2

Bought package labeled 2016; good until Mar 2021; it's now 2019 and 3 remaining batt eries are just above 1 volt.

675 batteries

KDH123 - 5

Impossible to locate. The Easy Tab 675 batteries are far the best performance and long lasting batteries for high powered hearing aid devices for profound/ severe hearing losses.

Longest Lasting Battery

jackie27 - 5

Great battery for my kid's high drain devices. Works in Video Games and remote controlled cars.