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Duracell Inc.
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Battery, Lithium, Coin, 3V, DL2025

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Total Rating: 2.3

3 reviews

Does not last as long as advertised

Angie - 1

placed a new CR2025 in my fitness device on Aug 31, one week later I am getting notified that my battery is low. It should not go dead this quick, especially with the costs associated for such. Could I have possibly purchased near expired batteries?? So disappointed....

Lasts a long time

grandmamma - 5

I have used this type of battery in the past, which lasted for a very long time...I used it with a small remote control. I wonder if the side of the battery in the last review could have been cleaned with a small cloth dampened with alcohol, or just scraped off? From what it says, it sounds like an easy fix to me.

Lawyers make product useless

Agolobic - 1

Harmful if swallowed legal warning sticker covering the negative side of the battery stopped the circuit from being completed on my key fob.