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Duracell Inc.
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Battery, Alkaline, Coppertop, "AAA", 20/PK

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Total Rating: 4.1

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Long lasting batteries!!

Caseyeve - 5

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I got these Duracell copper top bathere's a while back to try out for my kids electronics. Awesome batteries for my kids high battery usage devices. I would recommend these Duracell batteries to anyone looking for a long lasting battery.


Xxxxxxxxxx - 1

They leaked and damaged my clock It is the second time it has happened Will never buy this overpriced junk again

BUYER BEWARE! Don’t waste your $!

Veronica2020 - 1

These batteries don’t last and drain SO quickly!! I bought a 6 pack of AAA batteries at the beginning of February of this year for my food scale. & here I am in April and have gone through all 6 of these batteries! Now, for something that is only being used (at best) just a couple minutes a day why would I have to change the batteries 3 different times? Really disappointed! How is it supposed to last 10 years if it doesn’t even last 3 months? I don’t know what happened to you Duracell. You used to be my go-to for all of my battery needs. But situations like this keep happening more and more frequently and i don’t see the point in wasting my money like this anymore. Going to try my luck with Energizer!

Batteries that now corrode!

VFR1200 - 1

I always thought that Duracell batteries were the best. Now I find that you can buy packs with batteries that have already started to corrode. Batteries that still have 7 years of a 10 year guarantee to run.

Batteries low after one month in remote

TMM22 - 1

I am highly disappointed. I'm getting a low battery signal in my remote after only having purchased a four pack of triple A batteries literally a month ago. The crazy thing is I rarely watch the TV/use the remote that's providing the low signal. Guess I have to go waste money or another set of batteries.

Leak Leak Leak

Corrodedjoe - 1

Batteries do last a long time but don't leave them for long as they will leak and ruin your stuff. I just lost a nice laser level (on a tripod and adjustable) 2 years leaked not expired. Also lost a set of Rock Band drums - you guessed it Duracell leaked and ruined them. What is up over the past several years? This used to never happen now it seems like the norm. I am switching to another brand to see if the other guys leak and ruin my stuff too!